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U.S. President Donald Trump "is creating a trade war. A trade war by definition reduces global economic prosperity," said Subhomoy Bhattacharjee, a consultant with the Research and Information System for Developing Countries based in Delhi, India.Macron's support dropped like a bombshell in Ankara where Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan flatly lashed out at the NATO partner's attitude. He publicly warned on Friday that France could become a "target" for supporting the YPG.Augusto Arosemena, Panama's minister of trade and industry, told Xinhua in a recent interview that the country needs to make certain adjustments. "If we don't make the necessary changes to be able to facilitate ... exports, then we are not going to be able to make the most of this (FTA)treaty," he said.

The attacks at the times were coupled with rebels shelling of the capital Damascus, and Syrian airstrikes targeting the rebel positions in Eastern Ghouta.According to local media reports, the U.S. military set up radars and air defense systems in YPG-held areas in August.On June 2, Iraqi Minister of Water Resources Hassan al-Janabi tried to play down fears of the Iraqi people amid lower level of water flow in Tigris River.Before Egypt was elected as the host country, there had been worries that votes will not be in favor of Egypt as the country has witnessed fragile security conditions over the past year.


"Quick results must be seen rather than a talk shop without any follow-up actionable plans and initiatives," he said.British newspaper The Guardian reported quoting British advisory firm Oxford Economics as saying that the tariffs came "at a bad time for the world economy.""China can help bridge this gap by establishing payment model called 'escrow' in Pakistan as adopted by various e-commerce companies in China.""Foreign companies (like Hollywood studios) do well at the top of the market, typically because they start out having superior quality, technology or brand recognition," he said."For this trade war, the best situation is to be resolved as quickly as possible and our farmers can get their goods to market," he added.

However, in the by-elections during the past over four-and-a-half years of its rule, the BJP has managed to just retain its five constituencies which it had won in the 2014 polls, while it lost as many as seven to the main opposition the INC. by-elections are necessitated in case of death or resignation of a parliamentarian.Azad Gungor, head of the Association of Tourism and Hotels in the historic city of Mardin, told state-run Anadolu news agency that there has been a 25-percent increase in the number of tourist arrivals in the city this year compared to 2018.

Ettela'at Daily wrote in the article titled "Aggression of the U.S., Britain, France, with no Achievement" that the tripartite attack on Syria ended without "any achievement" for the aggressors.As White said, "We're all part of that system, and there is a certain unity and coherence to it all." ■

As the situation in the country has become much better over the past year, the number of authorized pharmaceutical factories reached 8,977, which now have a capacity to cover the local market, Habib Abboud, deputy health minister for pharmaceutical affairs, told Xinhua."We sincerely hope that with this forum, our two sides will work together to create more highlights of China-Greece educational exchanges and cooperation, to support the development of education and people-to-people ties in our two countries, and thus make contribution to the friendly relations of our two countries," she concluded.


Turkey's state-run Anadolu Agency reported last Saturday that around 30 sub-groups of the Ankara-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) rebel group had united under the name of Syria's "national army," which has 22,000 soldiers in three corps and includes three brigades composed of Syrian Turkmens.Zhang Xuming, chairman of CGCC-Los Angeles, said: "Healthy trade between the U.S. and China is essential to the economic well-being of both countries. That is certain."APPRECIATION FOR CHINA

Romney has heavily muted his negative comments following Trump's election victory. But he was often criticized by Trump supporters and even called a "Republican in name only."The pipeline has a 3,000-km section in Russia, known as the Power of Siberia, and a 5,111-km stretch in China.The panda couple mated in April and later artificial insemination was also performed on Meng Meng to boost the likelihood of pregnancy, revealed by Zoo Berlin earlier in August.

On Aug. 2, a war monitor group said the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) returned to its positions on the line of separation between Syria and the Israeli-occupied territories in the Golan Heights after leaving it in 2014."The first year for the bridge was a year of adaptation and integration, and in the future the transport hub will become a magnet to attract more resources in the Greater Bay Area and become a stronger growth driver for the region," said Fang Zhou, research director of the One Country Two Systems Research Institute.


"Eritrea as a nation is committed to working with all its neighbors. The peace agreement between Eritrea and Ethiopia, and the tripartite agreement between Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia, mark the beginning of a new dawn," said Amanuel Giorgio, Eritrean Permanent Representative to the UN."Talent, money and market," Del Christensen, Chief of Global Business Development for the Bay Area Council (BAC), told Xinhua while explaining the phenomenon dubbed "eastward expansion" by U.S. media.

Premier Li suggested that, on the basis of the "3+5" mechanism, LMC member countries should expand cooperation in broader areas such as digital economy, environmental protection, customs and youth, to gradually form a cooperation framework of "3+5+X".Several Memorandums of Understanding were signed, and several joint business ventures are expected to form in the near future.Since the end of 2015, countries in the Lancang-Mekong River Basin have suffered from drought to varying extent due to the impact of the El Nino phenomenon. At this critical moment, China discharged water to the lower reaches to help its neighbors fight drought, although China was also experiencing a shortage of water. The leaders of Thailand, Cambodia and other countries expressed their gratitude and appreciation for China's selfless help.

Within the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative, China has helped other countries in infrastructure construction across the globe."China has a large community of scientists and policy researchers working on biodiversity-related areas. The lessons and experiences made by China could be particularly valuable to developing countries going through a similar economic development path," she added.

Meanwhile, Meituan also signed strategic cooperation agreements with NVIDIA, a U.S. artificial intelligence (AI) computing and semiconductors company, and Icona, an Italian design company for the automotive industry.(Xinhua reporters Yang Ke and Dong Wencheng in Manila, Hu Xiaoming in New Delhi, Xu Tian in Paris, Wen Xiqiang in London, Chen Zhanjie in Rome, Zeynep Cermen in Istanbul contributed to this story.)

The park is now planning to cooperate with Duisburger Hafen AG, the German company that runs the country's Duisburg port, to construct a railway directly linking the park with the China-Europe rail lines, which are providing freight services to meet the ever-increasing demands of both sides.Some smart assistants provide data and insights into patients' daily activities, dispense medication, and have built-in cameras to allow videos to be recorded to ensure treatment compliance.However, all talks collapsed, leading to more violence on the ground.

With respect to the international anti-terrorism front, one of the pressing tasks facing the SCO is to continue fighting against militants of the Islamic State (IS) who, following the extremist group's defeat in Syria and Iraq, have returned to their native countries, some of which are SCO members or observers.They agreed to maintain the tradition of high-level exchanges, firmly adhere to a friendly policy toward each other, enhance strategic communication and political mutual trust, and properly deal with differences, so as to lead China-Vietnam relations to move in the right direction."The two most significant countries on our planet in terms of scientific expertise and research capacity need to be partners in ensuring human triumph over the threat of a devastating global cataclysm," he stressed.Since his appointment as the head of ECIS in 2014, Ruth has began to lead the Europe-focused organization to look towards East."This is the most important and largest association in our history both in terms of timing and in terms of its nature. Such an effective alliance has never taken place in the recent history of the Republic of Turkey," said for his part television commentator and journalist Avni Ozgurel.

TRIPOLI, May 2 (Xinhua) -- The Islamic State (IS) militant group on Wednesday carried out a deadly suicide attack on the headquarters of Libya's Higher Commission of Elections, killing at least 14 and injuring more than 10 others.Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said that since 2012, the Abe administration has been committed to revitalizing the economy and reworking its foreign and defense policies."Austin boasts great ideas and environment for innovation, which is hugely attractive to Chinese companies," Chinese Consul General in Houston Li Qiangmin said Friday after an event held on the sidelines of the SXSW to promote Chengdu, capital city of southwestern China's Sichuan Province.

Prev 1 2 3 4 5 Next"Trump thinks he's helping create a level playing field, but all he's doing is hurting Americans," shopper Andrea Clemmons told Xinhua.This victory is regarded as a major achievement for the Syrian army and allied fighters.

Meanwhile, the pro-government al-Watan newspaper said Monday that the surprise visit has a "political and security indications" with the increase of reports about the return of Syria to the Arab League.UNFAIR BLAME ON CHINA FOR DECLINE OF MANUFACTURING

In May 2018, the United States relocated its embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, further alienating the Palestinians who, along with all other Muslims, revere Jerusalem as the third holiest site in Islam after Mecca and Medina."Also, if a war breaks out, the achievements made by Hezbollah and the Shiite community in the past years will be jeopardized," he said."It seems to be primarily a political decision," said Beyer. "Politically misusing the coronavirus epidemic is critical and questionable."

The UK-based watchdog group said a total of 310 people have been killed and over 1,550 others wounded by the shelling on Eastern Ghouta over the past few days."I call on African countries to make full use of the summit to strive for the well-being of the people of both China and Africa," Khaled said.

Before leaving China, Cross also lectured at the Beijing Film Academy to a group of 650 students and filmmakers."This exhibition provides an opportunity to each country to examine and evaluate the pace of technological development in their own country by seeing the devices and machinery showcased at the exhibition," he said.

Addressing the signing ceremony held in Ireland's second largest city of Cork earlier in the day, Coveney said this MOU is about deepening the relationship between Ireland and China, which is already strong and "getting stronger."Besides, the U.S. President Donald Trump announced on Friday that he had decided to send 1,500 more troops to the restive Middle East region."Turkey will purchase all the gas that it buys from Russia directly from this new pipeline. This could be considered a move reinforcing its energy security in peace time, but also it could be the opposite in times of crisis," Kerim Has, a Moscow-based analyst on Turkish-Russian relations, told Xinhua.NO WINNER IN TRADE WAR


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